"Kevin Katich is an absolute pro. Whether it's providing chest-bursting drum beats, textured percussion, or backing vocals, Kevin is a top-notch musician who is versed in all styles, shows up on time, and has a great attitude." –Kyle Boomer
     “I feel so lucky to have worked with Kevin. Not only is he one of the most talented drummers I've ever met but he's lovely to work with, dedicated, extremely professional, and an all around great dude. I would recommend him to anyone in need of an amazing drummer.” –Stephanie Meyers

     “Working with Kevin has been a great experience! It's hard to find people that have such great capabilities, can show up, be professional and have a great attitude about everything. Being a musician is not an easy journey, but it sure is easier if you have great people working with you and Kevin is one of those people!” –Margarita Monet, Edge of Paradise

     "We are incredibly honored and grateful to have recorded 17 original tracks with such a talented and hard working musician.  Kevin is a very dedicated man that has inspired Figured Out to become better and stronger as professional musicians.  He has enriched our music with ideas that are outside the box and has pushed the project towards the very concept we were aiming towards when we initially hired him.  It has been a beautiful journey thus far and we hope it is still only the beginning of a magical trip to the stars and beyond!  Anyone that has the privilege of working with such talent is quite the lucky human." - Lili B, Figured Out

     "Kevin Katich is fucking amazing!" -Bruce Sanborn, The Bruce Sanborn Band